We believe in change

We began Black Women Benefit (BWB) to address the inequities that Black women face in the justice system, workforce, health care system, and beyond. After becoming disillusioned with the outcomes of the murders of Sandra Bland, Breonna Taylor, Oluwatoyin Salau, and countless other Black women, Kyaira and Courtne felt compelled to create a safe space specifically designed for and in support of Black women. Oftentimes, Black women create movements (Me Too, Black Lives Matter, etc) for the benefit of all, but fail to receive similar support; hence, our mission became to embrace, empower, and invest into all Black women.

Our three pillared approach aims to:

  • Embrace Black women by providing services critical to our happiness and health- such as our virtual and in-person events. All of which are listed in our calendar.

  • Empower Black women by claiming ownership of our own destinies though our free mental wellness programs

  • Invest into Black women by giving direct payments to Black women with our financial awards and emergency funding as well as provide financial programs meant to inform and empower Black women’s financial decisions

As our programs expand and evolve under our pillars one thing will not our dedication to benefitting every Black woman possible.  If our mission resonates with you please consider donating a $5 reoccurring donation.

“Self-esteem means knowing you are the dream.”

Oprah Winfrey • Show Host


Black Women Benefit embraces ALL Black women and believe we should all benefit, no matter the size, belief, or creed. We hold a variety of events.


BWB empowers Black women through the following free mental health services:  “The Healing Circle”, ” Group Therapy Town Halls”, and “Healing Together”.


Since our founding, Black Women Benefit has invested over $2,000 in direct payments to Black women on the ground making a difference in our communities.  

Change a life today

Black Women Benefit has empowered over 100 Black women in D.C. and Maryland through our mental health services.