The Essential Worker Award Winner – Hannah Fairure

Let me begin by saying it is an absolute honor to be chosen as the winner of the “ Essential Worker Award” for the amazing “Black Women Benefit Nonprofit Organization.I saw the potential benefits of this organization for myself while still helping others through the pandemic. Again, my name is Hannah Fairure (fair-you). I am a proud, hardworking, African American woman and mother to a rambunctious, soon to be 7-year old, son.

When I was little, I was always called Dr. Fairure. Although my goals did not align with that career, I maintained a passion for the medical field. I have always been described as a self-starter, the first one in action to help others in every way I could. As an adolescent, I professionally trained in gymnastics for 13 years, I saw multiple injuries. It fascinated me to see the process it took to recover and perform our best when it came time to compete.

There was a subtle struggle for young black, shapely girls compared to our counterparts in the same sport. We were different in an amazing way and never gave in to racial bias or stigmas.

I always saw the same red crimson blood in all of us. This alone pushed me to help all mankind. I went to AUM for nursing. A little later, I was blessed with my son at a very dark time in my life. Growing up in a Christ-centered household, that was the last thing on my agenda, but God definitely had other plans. I dropped out of the university and graduated Cum Lade from Fortis College with my Associate’s degree in Medical Assisting in 2014.

My journey skyrocketed from that point. I was honored to finally get placed at an urgent care facility where I currently work in general medicine along side one of the best doctors a nurse could ever ask for. This opportunity helped me in the crisis to come.

This award has come to me as a beacon of hope in a strenuous time as an individual and a nation. Although my current employment is the reality of what I dreamed of and allows me to do what I love the most, it comes with a price.

Working sometimes 6 or 7 consecutive days can be stressful. Still, I am determined and dedicated to assisting the ones affected by the pandemic. Receiving news of the award moved me to tears of joy.

God put me exactly where I needed to be. Sometimes when helping others, you forget about yourself; however, I believe someone is watching and recognizing the efforts put forth. I cannot express how grateful I am, and I will continue to strive for excellence as a woman, mother, and healthcare professional. 

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